The need to become a digital company

Digitalization changes all areas of life and also existing business models. This increases pressure on the industry – but opens up new business opportunities at the same time. Industrial enterprises need to reduce time to market significantly, massively improve flexibility, and increase quality while reducing energy and resource consumption. Another general requirement is security. Digitalization also leads to increasing vulnerability of production plants to cyber attacks – and this increases the need for appropriate security measures.

Does your business have a digitalization platform?


According to 52% of the world’s CEOs, digitalisation is expected to transform the industry.

The lifecycle of product has decreased by 25%. New products must be developed and launched faster.

What does digitalization offer?

Realise your digital transformation. Produce more rapidly, flexibly, efficiently, and with higher quality.

By 2020, the amount of data worldwide will grow to 44 zettabytes with 10% attributed to the internet of Things.

Increasing quality
Consumers reward high quality by recommending products on the Internet – and they punish poor quality the same way. To ensure high product quality and to fulfill legal requirements, companies have to install closed-loop quality processes, and products have to be traceable.

Increasing efficiency
Today, it is not only the product that needs to be sustainable and environmentally friendly – energy-efficiency in manufacturing and production becomes a competitive advantage, too.


Reducing time-to-market
Due to faster-changing consumer demands, manufacturers have to launch products faster – despite rising product complexity. Traditionally, the big competitor has beaten the small one – but now the fast one is beating the slow one.

Enhancing flexibility
Consumers want individualized products – but at the prices they’d pay for mass-produced goods. As a consequence, production has to be more flexible than ever before.



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