NX Synchronous Technology

The simplicity of direct modeling with the control of parametric design

NX™ is more powerful, faster and easier to use than ever. Modelling improvements such as synchronous technology 2D and Realize Shape give you more tools to create geometry quickly. It is easier than ever to access the information you need to make smarter decisions about your design. Usability has been greatly enhanced, particularly in Drafting and PMI, while retaining the ability to customise that you demand.

Synchronous technology with Multi-CAD data

NX with synchronous technology automatically recognises geometric features and understands relationships in models imported from other CAD systems, allowing you to model much faster, in a simplified way. You can even edit data from other systems faster than with the original CAD software.

Downstream consequences

Synchronous technology can accelerate processes for manufacturing and simulation. Manufacturing engineers can use synchronous modelling to prepare part models for NC machining. CAE analysts can also quickly de-feature and idealise geometry when adapting models for simulation.

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