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Servers are a critical component for a resilient and effective IT platform, which should be capable of adapting to rapidly changing circumstances. Is your server system up to the task?

It’s no longer enough for servers to meet the traditional criteria for performance, reliability and scalability alone. Today, servers play a vital role in enhancing business efficiency, whilst reducing infrastructure complexity, carbon footprint and operational costs.

Enterprises are looking to technologies such as virtualisation and consolidation to extract greater value from their IT infrastructure. But rethinking your server strategy is a big step and clarifies areas of risk; will the reduced number of servers that form the core of a simplified environment be able to stand the pace and the pressures placed on them?

We draw on an expanding, class-leading portfolio, exceptional vendor relationships and outstanding technical expertise to tailor, implement and deliver fully integrated solutions that will stand the test of time. We’ve done our research in the specification and deployment of leading server and blade solutions, all to ensure your business passes future tests and challenges whenever they may come.

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