Suited to your business’s needs, our Siemens NX technical experts design and support the required deployment. With our deployment support, you’ll save significant time and effort when determining infrastructure, hardware requirement and upgrades for your solutions. Got a question? Get in touch with one of our technical experts today.

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Recommended Training

To help you fully reap the benefits of Siemens NX, we offer a variety of courses designed to provide guidance and industry-best practises for each of our software solutions. Each of our standard training courses are conveniently delivered on-site by our technical experts, to ensure you get the most from your Siemens NX investment. Here are a handful of our recommended courses:

  • NX Basic Design
  • NX Design Essentials
  • NX Advanced Drafting
  • NX Sheet Metal
  • NX Mechanical Freeform Modelling
  • NX Administration & Configuration
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Bespoke Training

If you’re looking to take your Siemens NX knowledge to the next level, be sure to sign up to one of our advanced, bespoke training courses: 

  • NX11 Version Update Training
  • NX for Industrial Design & Styling
  • NX for Advanced CAD Users
  • NX Synchronous Modelling
  • NX PMI
  • NX Motion
  • NX PCB Exchange
  • NX Routing Electrical
  • NX Routing Mechanical
  • NX Advanced Assemblies
  • NX Design Simulation
  • NX Open
  • NX Content Migration Manger (CMM)
  • Keyshot Render for NX
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NX Consultancy

With our full range of Siemens NX consultancy, we’ll be able to help guide you on how to fully benefit from your products. We currently offer consultancy on the following:

  • Best Practices
  • Methods & Procedures
  • System Configuration
  • Skills Validations
  • System Performance
  • Managed Services
  • Engineering Consultancy
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How can we help? Technical support for all our products. Talk with our experts and explore our customer portal to manage and track your questions as well as explore our product advice and support guides.

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NX Apps

NX encourages companies to extend your capability. Our UK software development team develop NX Open Apps to promote productivity, systems integration and automation.

Discuss your business needs with our technical experts and see how your Siemens NX investment with our NX Apps can further grow your business.


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How can we help?
Technical support for all our products.

Talk with our experts and explore our customer portal to manage and track your questions, as well as explore our product advise and support guides.

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